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Home > Merchant Resources > Mechant Testimonials Sunday, April 03, 2005   

Merchant User Testimonials

As a website owner, you've worked extremely hard to earn the loyalty of your customers. They trust you, and they listen to what you have to say - including recommendations for quality products and services. Put your own or someone else's testimonial about how FreeMerchantSource has helped your business. Write a BRIEF paragraph or quotation emphazing how FreeMerchantSource has helped you. Add a catchy title like, "How QuickCommerce revolutionized my internet business." Then include a simple hyperlink directly to your affiliate site. You could also add your testimonial just beneath a banner or button.

"The reason that I found ECXOC was because about 13 months ago my wife told me that after 17 years of marriage she was seeing some one and wanted to move out. This caused me to have many sleepless nights which in turn prompted me to spend more hours on the internet than I had ever dreamed to do. In doing so I found a company that told me that for a small investment, they could help me supplement the income from the wife that I was losing. So in having lost about 20 years of my life over night I decided what the heck. E-Commerce first showed me how to develop my home based business which in turn helped me get $3568.00 back on my income taxes for the money that I spent last year getting started. This made my day, finally something was working for me. In a very short time and with the help that ECXOC provided, I began getting visitors like I had hoped to get . I invested in the package E-Commerce Exchange offers with 1550 search engines which now is getting me about 20,000 visitors a month. So now, finally my web page is bringing in enough money to replace my X-wives income. It is hard to expect over night success however, if you have help and work at it with a little help from a very good friend {E-Commerce Exchange} the light at the end of the tunnel is on and it is getting brighter with everyday. Thanks for all of your help E-Commerce Exchange I couldn't have done this with out you."

~ Mike GenSelect Enterprises

"I started a web based business with E-Commerce Exchange and my business is thriving. I personally have worked hard for my success, but E-Commerce has been great at providing me with any assistance that I have needed. Their customer service department is second to none and they have some great marketing ideas for stimulating sales. So many programs out there seem great at first but offer you nothing once you are signed up. This is not the case with E-Commerce Exchange. They stick by me because they depend upon my success. I offer my recommendation to anyone that is interested in working with E-Commerce Exchange."

~ John Cunningham
Heirlool Seed Bank

"InterScot has been very impressed with the services provided by Merchant E-Commerce Exchange. Not only is the personal attention that you receive from EXS a refreshing change in today's 24/7 world, it's also a delight to deal with such professional people. We have seen and used a lot of e-commerce services in the past, but ECX really does win hands down. We are continually impressed by their ongoing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, and I speak for everyone at InterScot Network when I say that E-Commerce Exchange is most definitely a winning solution for any business."

~ Chris N. Maxwell
CEO InterScot Network Ltd.

"After submitting an information request form to ECX Orange County, I received a prompt response from a representative who was very knowledgeable, and answered my questions thoroughly. The process was very easy. My merchant account was approved and activated within a matter of days. The shopping cart I used was easy to configure, and I was up and running in a matter of a few hours. Whenever I have a question, they are quickly and proficiently resolved. And every person I've dealt with at ECX Orange County has been friendly and courteous. I feel they appreciate our time share company and are there to help my business succeed. Now I am prepared for growth in Internet commerce thanks to ECX Orange County."

~ Laura Olsen
Advantage Term life Marketplace

"ECX Orange County has been wonderful for out Internet business! We were working with a credit card processing company that would send our funds to us after 30 days or more. Now with QuickCommerce, we are back in business with daily deposits straight to our business checking account. Orders are processed within 24 hours directly from our website. It truly has been the sole solution to our Internet commerce needs."

~ Brian Petersen
State of Jefferson Company

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results I am getting from using the ECX Orange County service to place credit card ordering on my web site. My orders have tripled over the past month from what I have previously averaged. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that has a commercial web site. Thanks for providing a terrific service."

~ Tyra Jackson
V.P. Nikjak & Sons Import Company

"After looking at a number of possible e-commerce partners, we selected E-Commerce Exchange. They've been in the payment processing industry for 11 years, and they're a nationwide company who can easily handle thousands of customers each month. Their hands-on approach with clients and state-of-the-art technology produces high sales and happy merchants. After seeing these benefits, our decision was simple."

~ John Clark

"I have reviewed dozens of e-commerce firms to understand their offerings and services, and to gauge their willingness and ability to fully service their clients. I found ECX Orange County to be a cut above and far ahead of all competitors. QuickCommerce is the only merchant service I recommend to my clients."

~ NextCard Internet Visa

"We have been pleased with our association with ECX Orange County."

~ Bruce Clay
Internet Consultant

"We found ECX's service to be the best on the Internet. And they have very competitive rates. Our sales have jumped since we started using online ordering."

~ John Deters
President of Fresh Flow Source

"I looked everywhere on the Internet for a way to start a home business only to find thousands of get rich quick schemes. Then I came across E-Commerce Exchange. They actually have an opportunity that has substance. They set me up with a merchant account and a web site for my business. I have been dealing with E-Commerce Exchange for my merchant account and web hosting needs for the past few months. I have found them to be very professional in all of my dealings with them. My business has been up for a few months now and my sales continue to increase every month. I would recommend them to anyone."

~ Leo F. Santore, President
Guardian Self Defense Enterprises

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