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FreeMerchantSource Marketing Services

Market Research Links - Links to the most respected and established Market Research Firms in America. You can learn more about trends and strategy here than almost anywhere else.

For information regarding our various marketing services, please select one or more of the following categories for details on each program. You cal also visit our Marketing Services Partner Poratl at: for complete resource listings and company ratings for all of your marketing needs.

Web Site Traffic
Through our network of high traffic websites, we can offer your company targeted traffic tailored specifically to your products and/or services. This will better help you diversify your marketing efforts to maintain a more stable client acquisition initiative. Below is a sample of our network site traffic reports.

Do you know what the most effective keywords are for your products and services?
Once you know which keywords to use, we apply this knowledge to pay-per-click (PPC) search engines. PPC, by definition, is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying click-throughs. In other words, you only pay when a prospect clicks on your link in a PPC search engine. There are a few worthwhile PPC search engines that can reach many customers that other search engines and marketing channels do not reach. It is a very valuable marketing strategy if utilized properly. This PPC arena can be somewhat difficult to manage at times and you can waste a lot of money if not executed properly. We target the top PPC (pay-per-click) search engines your competition is using. Furthermore, we uncover their PPC keywords, costs and strategies so that you can not only be a cost-efficient competitor, you will effectively win the game.

Search Engines
Do you need advice on what it really takes to get a top ranking on search engines?
Now while our clients may know their top competitors, it is very rare when we don't discover other competitors who are taking valuable traffic and sales away from them. We identify all of your top competitors and what they are doing to market their site. You will know what search engines they are indexed on and where they are ranked on each major search engine. You will also learn how often you should submit your site to these various search engines. In addition, we investigate each competitor to find out what they doing better than anyone else. One competitor may have unique keywords that are performing well on search engines. Another competitor may have an excellent linking strategy or while another may have a key strategic partner, etc. In other words, you will know why they are successful and how they got there. We uncover their proven, successful techniques and tactics in order to give you a blueprint for success for all of your online marketing strategies. Do you know what your top competitors are doing online?
We identify the specific keywords your main online competitors are targeting. Keywords that are industry specific are the key to any Internet marketing strategy. We uncover where and how your online competitors are using keywords and how each keyword is performing. Keywords are how Search Engines index your site, and how searchers find your site. Successful sites have spent the necessary time to choose the best keywords that fit their site's description. We examine how you and your competitors apply keywords in your marketing approach including search engine submissions, website text, amount of keyword density, and more. You will receive a concise search engine ranking report for your keywords along with the top keywords that are working for your competitors. You will know everything you need to know about your industry-specific keywords in order to produce superior results. VoiceCast is a revolutionary new service that allows you to broadcast voice messages to a live person, an answering machine, or a voice mail system! Our proprietary technology automatically detects the differences in speech patterns, pitch, and length between answering machines and live people.

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