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New Merchant Account

Did You Know?
Small merchants are growing by 50,000 a month
More than 150 to 200 million credit cards are issued annually in North America since 2000

New Merchant Information
If you do not currently accept credit cards in your mail order telephone order or retail business, you are missing out on over $3 trillion in annual sales done through merchant accounts. With our ground breaking "free" everything credit card processing model, you can now accept all major credit cards in your business within 24 hours, for free!

Depending on your business type, we will provide you with either a Free Credit Card Machine or Free Credit Card Software with $0 Application Fees, and $0 Setup Fees. This process typically takes only 24-48 hours to complete and we will provide you with a personal merchant account consultation to cover any and all questions that you may have.

Merchant Account - The New Merchant Requirements
Getting important information together ahead of time will ensure that you breeze right through your merchant account application process. Here's what you may or may not (depending on the provider) need in order to obtain your merchant account:

1- Applicant must be principal owner of the business or at least 51% ownership
2- Business must be located within the United States
3- Federal Tax ID# (for corporations only) (Valid SS# for Sole Props)
4- Social Security Number
5- Active US Commercial checking account DDA and Routing numbers
6- You must be at least 18 years of age
7- Not in current bankruptcy
8- Bankruptcy discharged at least 90 days prior
9- Not listed in TMF (terminated Merchant File) as prior fraud attempts or for excessive chargebacks
10- Business type not listed on restricted Business type list

Merchant accounts can help a businesses increase sales 500% or more each year. We offer a direct merchant account with a fast approval and NO COST - LOWEST RATES - LOWEST FEES to set up. Click below to apply for your FREE MERCHANT ACCOUNT TODAY! No, there is no fee for processing your on-line application. We will meet or beat your existing rate or we will send you $100.00*

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